My little girl

This is my little girl, Brooke. She is a toddler now, and is so curious and inquisitive about everything. She’s also very loving. This week, I was sitting down, face in my hands crying with frustration over our latest parenting challenges. Brooke came over and touched my face, wiping away my tears. She looked very […]

Our snow day!

Last Friday, we woke up to snow, and lots of it! It was coming down softly. Ethan freaked out and was outside playing in it by 8am. Forget breakfast! Time to play. He happily made a snow angel and enjoyed swishing the snow of the fence railing on our deck. We all bundled up and […]

Today’s adventure

The winter weather is settling in up here. We finally have gotten over a long episode of a lingering cold, and can go out and about more often. Grateful for health. The days are a little more grey in the winter here, but not every day. Last week was nearly all sunny, but around 45 […]

Little blessings

The kids. That’s what they are; little blessings. As crazy as parenting can be some days, the kids are gifts from above. They are growing way too fast. Some things to write down that I want to remember: We finished reading “Charlotte’s Web” to the boys. Each night, we would read a chapter. At dinner […]

Halloween fun

I have to record thoughts about our Halloween. It was a great time. I love this picture. Kevin was the Bumblebee transformer, Ethan was the Venom Spider-Man, and Brooke was the Mulan princess. Darlings:) We had a great time at the trunk or treat party at church. Lots of fun costumes. Brooke got into the […]


So many beautiful images of fall up here. Gold leaves everywhere. It’s so fun. This week, Ethan and I were riding bikes together in our neighborhood. It was a non rainy day, and we took advantage of it. Something really neat happened. The wind was blowing slightly. We turned onto a street, and the wind […]

Mama thoughts

From 2002-2004, I was a missionary serving in the LDS Florida Jacksonville mission. An incredible and priceless experience. I spent 6 months in Lake City. My companions and I lived in a small guest house on a big acreage, where some other families lived up the road from us. One family up the road has […]