To think of others

Sometimes when I read the news or hear of hard things going on in the world, I get overwhelmed with emotions. There’s so much I want to do to help. I want to be better, and know how I can ease someone’s pain. I want to teach my kids how to be kind and help […]

Listening thoughts

I am still so in love with the book “Mitten Strings For God” by Katrina Kenison. It’s such a beautiful book. I just had to share some thoughts from the ‘listening’ chapter with you all today. Such simple and important reminders. “Listening involves making a choice-right now, just for a moment-to stop dead in your […]

Saying goodbyes

Things are busy over here with boxes everywhere. I don’t have time to get emotional yet due to packing distractions, but I’ve been saying goodbyes here and there. As I drive around, I look at my surroundings. Yesterday, there was a beautiful sunset that can only be a desert one. My sweet homeschool group of […]

Something beautiful

Today’s post, I’m directing you over to my photography blog, but first let me explain. Last week, I was up in our local mountains for Girls Camp. I had some quiet time before the calvary of girls and noise arrived, so I ran up the hill to the top of the camp to have some […]

New blog

New blog look. New change. Here’s why: I took a class online for photography blogging, and learned at least one great tip; that I could schedule my blog to post saved posts on its own. I have so many things I wish to blog about here, but have a hard time sitting down to do […]