Listening thoughts

I am still so in love with the book “Mitten Strings For God” by Katrina Kenison. It’s such a beautiful book. I just had to share some thoughts from the ‘listening’ chapter with you all today. Such simple and important reminders. “Listening involves making a choice-right now, just for a moment-to stop dead in your […]

Letting go

    I had a good lesson last week as I was getting the kids ready go to my friend’s house for babysitting. Before we left, Ethan really wanted to become the ‘Hulk’, and color himself green with a washable marker. (We have learned the ways of the force; all art supplies that enter this home […]

Beautiful motherhood counsel

Edited: Fixed the link! Sorry:) Recently, I received some wonderful counsel from a wise mother of five. I really love it when mothers share with me  wisdom they’ve learned from their mothering days. I listen to it well, and try to see where I can improve. I love my kids so much. With her permission, […]