Our little Christmas

For the first time in the longest time I can remember, we had some family visits for our Christmas week. Good family on my side that I have not seen in a long time. They enjoyed the tractor, wagon, and bikes, I fed them a big crockpot chicken salsa meal. Watched some big tv downstairs, […]


Before leaving Ca, we saw our friends from Las Vegas. We used to live in the same apartments, and that was a fun chapter of play dates and friendship. It’s so great to keep in touch, and visit friends again. Love these guys! We began our journey north. More and more trees began to appear. […]

To California!

The first stop was in Northern Ca, staying with family. Good to see them, and to have a place to rest for a bit. That first day of traveling was at least 8 hours, and got long at the end. Thanks to a friend’s great insight, I got Brooke a bigger carseat, and she was […]

Our journey

I need to document our journey. At the moment, we are swimming in boxes, trying to unpack and organize. I will try to do little posts this week, and catch up on our traveling adventures. This picture is back on the day before we left Vegas. A big truck is always a delight to little […]

Vacation pictures

Hi, everyone! I worked on some more pictures from our beach vacation. I’m directing you over to my photography blog to see them, because the pictures are posted in large glory with that blog template. Beautiful. It’s amazing how a vacation can create such wonderful memories, and leave quite the mark in your heart. I […]

Beautiful Carpinteria

I used to live in Carpinteria, CA. It’s one of the most beautiful little towns in all of California. Lived here in 1997-98. I worked at a little grocery store in a super rich town up the freeway, and went to the city college to build up credits to transfer. I left there to attend […]


First stop, my awesome Aunt Jacquie’s for Disneyland and visiting. She spoiled us rotten, no joke. She put little blow up mattresses with boys bedding like Cars in our guest room. Kevin immediately began to jump on his bed, supremely happy. Ethan loved being around my cousin Brian. They loved the sound of their feet […]