Our little Christmas

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For the first time in the longest time I can remember, we had some family visits for our Christmas week. Good family on my side that I have not seen in a long time. They enjoyed the tractor, wagon, and bikes, I fed them a big crockpot chicken salsa meal. Watched some big tv downstairs, and ate pumpkin pie. It was really fun, and very different, but wonderful.

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Christmas came and went so fast. Anyone else feel that way? Goes by in a blink. We didn’t open presents until about 10am. The boys woke up grumpy and talking back yucky, and so we made them clean their rooms and work torwards opening the presents. We went hour by hour. Sounds rough, but we are trying to work with them, and teach them to talk respectfully. I felt so bad that that was how our Christmas morning started out as, but what do you do? By 10 am, they were doing much better, and were ready to open presents. Simple joys like a walkie talkie set, marbles, and a new helicopter for Kevin. So thankful for a few extra presents from family.

I caught a nasty cold the day before Christmas, and have been out of it this whole week. I’ve been downing herbal tincture, cayenne, and making wonderful lemon honey tea to sip on. It’s been slowing me down, and I haven’t been able to be as active in mothering and house tending as I’d like. Boys have been fighting and too much yelling ensued, shoving the spirit right out the window. I dragged myself out of bed from resting, and demanded everyone to get in the living room to say a prayer. Said that we’ll be praying every hour if we need to, in order to get peace back into our home. Satan is such a dork, and sure will try to have his way if you let him. Goodness. Things got better since then:)

I waited to blog and post Christmas pics. Just wanted to unplug from social media for a small bit. Sometimes, I find that’s a good thing for me to do, and then I come back and gain so much from good things people post on FB, or a great blog article, or something awesome to learn about on Pinterest. Balance. I will forever be learning how to balance everything.

Things to remember from this great month of December:

  • Finding a family who is less fortunate and leaving toys and special goodies anonymously on their doorstep. Trying to teach the boys about giving and thinking of others.
  • Being treated with kindness in return, and having some ‘secret Santa’ leave much needed socks on our doorstep for everyone. Bless you.
  • Helping out with our church’s Christmas party, and putting up a ton of white lights inside the hall for it.
  • Singing beautiful music in the ward choir at church. The choir, oh my goodness. Not your average ward choir. Like a very small Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Felt so lucky to sing with them.
  • Receiving Christmas cards from friends all over the nation. So wonderful to see their faces, and to have a little glimpse of back home.
  • Seeing beautifully lit homes with glittering lights. Looked like a post card.
  • Learning how to budget better, and really value what we had.
  • Learning that it’s really not about the presents, but the best Christmas present is being with your family, and treasuring those relationships.
  • Getting an old picture of my Mom and I many years ago from my sweet Aunt. Put it in a frame pronto.


One last shot; this is all I see up here. Beautiful, tall trees, and the air is so moist. The winter is kind of drab, I mean, it’s really grey and foggy on most days, but I’ve been trying to find the beauty in it. This picture is beautiful to me. Such a different world, but exciting to experience something different.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! A new year with new memories to be made is coming soon:)


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