Our snow day!






Last Friday, we woke up to snow, and lots of it! It was coming down softly. Ethan freaked out and was outside playing in it by 8am. Forget breakfast! Time to play. He happily made a snow angel and enjoyed swishing the snow of the fence railing on our deck.
We all bundled up and got out front to play. The dump trucks came out pronto, and we’re being filled with snow. I looked around and remembered this from my college days in Rexburg; the first day of snow, the world having a quiet, magical feeling to it, and everyone was happy.
It was a great day. The next week of it melting was rather blah, but nothing beats that first day snow day of winter.
So, it’s grey up here now. Lots of overcast days with no sun. I heard of these days. Big change. Some people travel to sunnier places during these months. I can see why. I’m trying to remind myself that this is a completely new state were living in. We’re here to accomplish Nursing school, and if we love it here, we’ll stay, and if not, we’ll be adventurous again and go somewhere. We’ve only been here three months, so there are many more memories to make and new things to discover while we are here:)


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