Today’s adventure


The winter weather is settling in up here. We finally have gotten over a long episode of a lingering cold, and can go out and about more often. Grateful for health.

The days are a little more grey in the winter here, but not every day. Last week was nearly all sunny, but around 45 degrees. Local residents must be well adapted to the cold. When I was out running errands, I saw many people in shorts and a t shirt, in 45 degree weather! Then there’s me with a hat, jacket and gloves, looking like a freak. It’s quite funny.

Today, we hiked a small part of Forest Park in Portland, a huge forest right next to the city, but tucked away. It was incredible. The air was so moist and cool. Miss covered trees everywhere. Tall, tall trees. The boys did great hiking along. Brooke did good, too. Walked a bit, and then was carried.

We sat on a log, and tried to be still and listen to the nature. Hard for young boys to sit still for anything, but it was worth a try.

I just loved that we were hiking as a family, enjoying the beautiful new area we live in. Feels like a different planet up here.

I have a tender place in my heart for Las Vegas. Our time living there feels like a dream. It’s surreal to see my Vegas friends on Instagram post outdoor pictures of home back there. The first thing I look for is what’s in the background; the brown mountains, the parks and familiar trees, and I remember.

I miss my close mommy friend dearly, and her sweet kids. I check Facebook and see what my other friends are up to. I’m not a fan of the rocks and dry, hot summers, but being away has shown me the beauty of that place. I am making plans for us to go back and visit again in the future. While at times I miss Vegas, it is wonderfully exciting to experience other parts of the nation. That’s the fun part of life. Shaun is excited to start school again for nursing, and that dream of graduating one day will be a glorious reality.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a quiet one, and enjoyed corn casserole, loads of turkey, and home made pumpkin pie. Heaven.

Tomorrow is Sunday. A good, somewhat restful chance to slow down and nourish testimonies. Sundays are gold.





One thought on “Today’s adventure

  1. Agreed. Sundays are gold and part of the fun of life is stretching and experiencing new things. Change can be difficult, but so many times helps me to remember what really matters and helps me remember to be more grateful. 🙂 fun to hear about your new experiences.

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