To think of others

Sometimes when I read the news or hear of hard things going on in the world, I get overwhelmed with emotions. There’s so much I want to do to help. I want to be better, and know how I can ease someone’s pain. I want to teach my kids how to be kind and help others who are struggling. So much I want to do, and yet, I need to realize that I must walk in small steps towards perfection. I have so much to learn on how to be like the Savior, one day at a time.

I really only see the news from what people post on Facebook. Just saw this morning an article posted about 6 times on FB of a man killing himself at the Las Vegas LDS temple. Been reading a blog written by a sweet mom who’s toddler went home to heaven, read a news article of LDS missionaries who come home early and struggle with being judged cruelly. I have been following the news of the Philippines hurricane, and about the LDS missionaries down there who barely escaped to safety.

When I read of these things, somehow my trials at home seem so insignificant and small. Yes, it’s hard to understand kids, and to help them listen and have peace in the home. That seems like a really, hard big trial for us now, but I need to do better at seeing the bigger picture. I need to look for my blessings more, and try not to be stuck in the young kid motherhood trenches so much. Why must this be so hard to remember? I think I just get too caught up in my little world, and need to think more of others, and look to serve more. I know it’s also important to be kind to myself, and to be mindful of the adversary and his constant lies he whispers into the mind’s of good mothers.

That was the biggest thing I wanted to tell a sister missionary recently who asked me for advice. Don’t get hard on yourself, and don’t let Satan push your thoughts around. He works so hard on women, especially sister missionaries. How important it is to surround yourself with light, and to create a holy place in your home. To never stop praying, but when you don’t feel like praying, study the scriptures, search for your answer, and seek to feel the Lord’s love, so you do feel like praying again.

This life is so short, so short. I keep seeing hardship around me through friends I know and in the world. I just want to remember to be kind, and never judge. There’s enough meanness in the world. Enough toughness. Don’t need that crap. Just need kindness. I hope I can be patient with my kids today, and help them see the beauty in the world, and help others who are hurting.

My sweet family. Visited the visitor center at the Portland LDS temple. Great day.


IMG_3912[1] IMG_3903[1]


I got to see some sweet friends that I hadn’t seen in years. Blessings.

IMG_3988[1] IMG_3930[1]

It’s so beautiful here. I love looking for pretties all around me.

IMG_3989[1] IMG_3922[1]



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