Little blessings

The kids. That’s what they are; little blessings. As crazy as parenting can be some days, the kids are gifts from above. They are growing way too fast. Some things to write down that I want to remember:

We finished reading “Charlotte’s Web” to the boys. Each night, we would read a chapter. At dinner time, I would have them tell me back the story so far, and see what they’ve learned. The kids are so dang smart, it’s crazy! They remember, and give me lots of teaching opportunities.

Ethan has been playing so nice with Brooke and Kevin. He’s so gentle with Brooke, and they laugh and giggle together. Ethan is getting so tall, and loves to ride his new bike that we got him. He really needed a bigger bike, and one that had gears. First time he rode it, he was amazed at how much faster he could go, and took off. I ride with him around the block often, well, before the rainy weeks hit. He is always looking to us, especially Daddy, and wants to follow our example. I love how his eyes twinkle and light up when he smiles and laughs.

Kevin is a little ball of wild, laughing fury. He’s constantly jumping onto our backs, and wanting a ride. Huge smile on his face. He had a little too long of a nap today, and was wired at bedtime. Didn’t go to sleep for a bit, so he got some special time with us just now, jumping into our bed, and looking at church videos on the ipad. Still wired, but hopefully he’ll sleep in tomorrow.

Brooke talks, dances, laughs, and won’t keep her pajamas on at night. Constantly unzipping her footed suit. Guess she’s too hot, and I’ll try just a long sleeve pj and pants outfit. She drags her blankets around the house, and gives the best hugs. When we say prayers, she folds her arms, and mumbles quietly, copying us. It’s so darling.

I keep trying to look into the kid’s eyes, and listen to their little stories, and what they are passionate about. It’s like entering another world, much slower paced, and less trivial. I love these kids, and I don’t want them to grow up so fast, but they are. Holding on to the moments a little tighter. Tickling them way too much, and love it.

Brooke wearing the Optimus Prime helmet. You push a button and can speak with a transformer voice. Brooke talks in it and laughs. It’s so funny:)


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