Halloween fun


I have to record thoughts about our Halloween. It was a great time. I love this picture. Kevin was the Bumblebee transformer, Ethan was the Venom Spider-Man, and Brooke was the Mulan princess. Darlings:)

We had a great time at the trunk or treat party at church. Lots of fun costumes. Brooke got into the fun quickly, walking up to each car, and reaching her hand up for candy. The boys were in heaven filling their pumpkin bucket. Came home and everyone slept in the next day. Supreme bliss.

The next night was the 31rst. Now, back home, I’ve never taken the boys trick or treating in the neighborhoods. Bigger city, no one decorated their house in our area, and I was always a little nervous. I didn’t realize that our new neighborhood was so different. Feels incredibly safer and family friendly.

The kids were in pajamas getting ready for bed. A friend was stopping by, so I turned the porch light on for him. A few boys dressed up knocked at our door. I searched for candy in our pantry to give them. I looked outside and they were groups of parents with kids trick or treating. Ethan and Kevin were curious as to what’s going on. I smiled, told them to go get their costumes on. I dressed warm, and took the boys walking to many houses.

It was so much fun. So many kids and parents out, each running up to homes and knocking. I ran to keep up with my guys. They were overjoyed that you knock on a door, and they give you candy. Ethan kept proclaiming out loud ‘best day ever!’

As I walked with the boys, I remembered being a little girl trick or treating, with Mom following me in her car, back in Burbank.

One house the boys and I came to was super spooky. We didn’t make it to the door, and skipped it. Had instant flash backs of the Rexburg days, at the Haunted Mill. Screaming and laughing with my college friends, scared silly. I told the boys when they get older, much older, that stuff is so fun.

I waited on the sidewalk watching the boys run to the doors. I enjoyed a huge pile of golden leaves, throwing them in the air. One neighbor was on his porch, playing an acoustic guitar plugged into the amp. The music floated through the air. It was so neat.

We only hit three streets, but that was enough for Kevin to declare he was tired. It was such a fun night. Isn’t it great to see your kids so happy? 🙂



One thought on “Halloween fun

  1. I’m glad your new neighborhood experience is a much friendlier one. I love Halloween in my neighborhood for that very reason. It’s the most social night of the year: so many people out walking around and greeting each other. Makes me wish it was more than one night a year just to get to see the people who live around me.

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