So many beautiful images of fall up here. Gold leaves everywhere. It’s so fun.

This week, Ethan and I were riding bikes together in our neighborhood. It was a non rainy day, and we took advantage of it. Something really neat happened. The wind was blowing slightly. We turned onto a street, and the wind picked up heavily. It caused all these golden leaves to start raining down. Leaves on the street started swirling around everywhere, combined with the falling leaves spinning in the air. I saw all this in front of me as I slowly rode down the street, trying to watch it all.

For a moment, it felt like we were inside a snow globe, but more like, a leaf globe. I told Ethan ‘Did you see that? Let’s ride the street again.’ It was just so beautiful to witness.

Lately, I’m reading Anne of Green Gables. Anne has such an eye for the world around her. I’m trying to see things more with an Anne perspective:)


One thought on “Snowglobe

  1. Anne of Green Gables is one of my daughter’s favorite books! I still can hardly believe she likes it–she’s only four years old. I have enjoyed reading it to her as well. Such a simple, pure life it depicts.

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