Brooke’s birthday


Brooke turned two! We had a lovely, little birthday party for her. Invited our two families that we know up here. Grateful to know some people up here before we moved. That really helps.

We made cupcakes with some yummy home made frosting. We set up balloons and shot them with nerf guns. We then got our puzzles and all sat down to play. Finished with a movie. It was the most relaxing party. The boys will most likely have a little more active party for their birthday.

Brooke is talking more. She laughs constantly. She sings. She cries and throws dramatic fits. She sleeps awesome. She loves to put buckles together. Loves to put trash away. She’s our little cutie, and we love having a daughter.

The mothering days seem to be getting a little easier. I’m trying to work on savoring the moments more. Hugging more. Looking the kids in their eyes, and enjoying their cute stories they tell me. Giving them more choices. Taking the time to nurture my soul to be the best I can be for the family, and for me.
How lucky I am to be a mother, even when the rough time of the day hits. It’s still a blessing to have them, and I love reading to them. Reading is so vital. Reading Charlottes Web at night to them. So fun.
Treasure each moment with your kiddos. Give yourself breaks. Pray, and laugh. You can do this:)




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