The first day









The first day we drove through Portland, it was really hard to keep our eyes on the road. West of the freeway, you can see one large part of the city; buildings, bridges, and a lot more freeways than the three we had back home. A large river. Trees. We kept going ‘wow’ and looking at everything.
We headed to Vancouver to unload the truck at my friend’s garage. Blessing. I remember stopping before we got to her house, and letting the dogs out for potty break. I walked them on this grassy area, and kept looking at my surroundings and feeling the coolness of the air, the same coolness felt in Carpinteria. It was a great heat relief. Everything is so dang green!

The kids made instant friends with Julie’s kids, and our truck unloading was the biggest event of the day. Brooke kept herself entertained well. It was a mini farm, and the garden was driving me crazy. So many things growing. In many ways, it felt like I was back in Kooskia, Idaho. Country living.
The kids were completely zonked out, as you can see in that last picture. So much running and playing. We stayed in a little comfort suite while we searched for a rental. In three days, we found one. Felt good to make a home again and not live out of a suitcase.
Once again, Heavenly Father guided us to a good home, and watched over us every step of the way. We’re so far from home, and still adjusting to the sheer beauty of the area, but we’re doing ok:)


2 thoughts on “The first day

  1. You moved from the city where one of my sisters lives, to the city where one of my brothers lives. Maybe you’ll be in the same stake or even ward!

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