Before leaving Ca, we saw our friends from Las Vegas. We used to live in the same apartments, and that was a fun chapter of play dates and friendship. It’s so great to keep in touch, and visit friends again. Love these guys!



We began our journey north. More and more trees began to appear. Kevin was my soundtrack listening buddy. We listened to Avengers, transformers, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Braveheart. How cool that the composer of Avengers was the genius who composed the Back to the Future soundtrack! We had fun.
Brooke did incredible for such long hours on the road.
Passed the Oregon border, and kept going ‘wow’ over the trees. Finally made it to Eugene, and crashed in a motel. Brooke slept in another bath room. It’s just a blessing when you have another room with a door so your baby can sleep. Huge relief.



We woke up, packed up and traveled on. We were so close to Portland. We stopped for gas, and marveled over the wildflowers growing in an open lot. The air was cooler. A train passed by in the close distance, delighting the boys. We felt so far from home, but had work to do. Unload the truck at my friend’s house. Find a place to stay for a few days. Find a home. A bit overwhelming, but we just went to work. More this week!


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