Listening thoughts


I am still so in love with the book “Mitten Strings For God” by Katrina Kenison. It’s such a beautiful book. I just had to share some thoughts from the ‘listening’ chapter with you all today. Such simple and important reminders.

“Listening involves making a choice-right now, just for a moment-to stop dead in your tracks. To stop moving, to stop talking, to stop making noise. As Madeline L’Engle has said, “When I am constantly running, there is no time for being. When there is no time for being, there is no time for listening.”

We give our children a great gift when we help them tune in to the muted sounds of earth and sky, of soul and spirit. It is a joyful lesson, offered in the spirit of play, even as they learn the discipline of listening. All we need to do is lead them into quiet moments and allow them to open their ears.

Find a dry spot to sit with your child on a sunny winter day and listen to the snow melt-you will be astonished at the subtle symphony of sound. Sit in the car together, before you turn the key in the ignition, and listen to the rain fall on the roof. Ask your children to listen to the world around them for two or three minutes- and then compare impressions of what each of you heard. Listen to a cat purr, and notice all the variations in tone and tempo. Listen to an airplane as it makes it way across the sky, until it is out of sight and, finally, out of earshot. Listen to a bee as it takes nectar from a flower. We can all find a moment in everyday for listening, a moment in which we gather our children close, open our ears, and luxuriate in the sounds of world, wherever we may be.”

I love that last word, luxuriate. The luxuries of nature, sounds, and listening. Love it.

The picture above is from a country road I traveled on last week to get some fresh chicken eggs from a nice lady. I stopped for a moment, and just looked at the beautiful country sights. It’s so beautiful up here. In one way, it feels very much like coming home for me, as it reminds me of my country living days long ago in Kooskia, ID. The rain is constant, as we are just getting into the rainy season, and it keeps everything nice and moist. No more flash flooding like in the desert. The ground soaks it up. Such a change.

PS: The LDS General Conference is coming this weekend! Happens twice a year, and it’s fabulous. Our church leaders, the prophet, apostles, and more speak to us on topics they’ve prayed about for a long time. Topics that they were prompted to speak on through the quiet whisperings of the spirit. It’s a spiritual feast, and it’s easily available online to view here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or you’re already a member and simply have not drunk from the well in awhile, please tune in this weekend. Two sessions a day starting in the morning. Peaceful feelings guaranteed. I love the church so much:)



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