To California!


The first stop was in Northern Ca, staying with family. Good to see them, and to have a place to rest for a bit. That first day of traveling was at least 8 hours, and got long at the end. Thanks to a friend’s great insight, I got Brooke a bigger carseat, and she was loving life. Made trip much easier. Can’t live without friends. They help my brain function properly:)



I laughed, thinking ‘Well, here I am again in California. Third time this year.’. Land of citrus trees and cooler beach weather.

Ethan was loving collecting snails outside. He put them in a box, and took them on the road. They were his traveling buddies. At our next stop, he let them go to be free. Sweetheart.

Before we left ca, we visited my friend Amy and Nikki. The boys loved Amy’s kitten. I forget we don’t do cats, and they are such a treat for the boys. I loved her grapes growing outside. Her house was old and wonderfully vintage. I freak out over old door knobs with the antique key holes. Been around too many track homes, and miss that stuff. Goofed on not taking pics, and just enjoyed visiting.

Gotta do breakfast. Stay tuned for more:)


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