Our journey


I need to document our journey. At the moment, we are swimming in boxes, trying to unpack and organize. I will try to do little posts this week, and catch up on our traveling adventures.

This picture is back on the day before we left Vegas. A big truck is always a delight to little boys. Kevin loved letting his dump truck roll down the ramp, of course:)


The LDS missionaries saved the day! In one hour, they got all of our big stuff into the truck. Everything moved so fast. I was directing what to take, while keeping the kids out of the way, until they went to a friend’s house for a play date. Huge blessing. Miss that friend.

That night, I fell asleep exhausted but thinking ‘This is the last time we will be in this home. It’s been a good home.’ Do you ever think that when your moving? Homes play a big chapter in our lives.

The next day, we drove away from the big city in the hot desert. It felt very strange and exciting. Ethan rode with Shaun in the truck. Kevin, Brooke, and the dogs were with me. Our little caravan:) More to come later!


2 thoughts on “Our journey

  1. Yes. I can follow your feelings. We have moved many, many times and each home and place has built new experiences that have led us onto to the next place. Although, I do have to say I hope we don’t move very soon because it is so much work and stressful. 🙂 I’m sure you can relate. I hope you are starting to get settled.

    • Man, it is a lot of work. It was easy moving when it was just my mom and me; much harder with three kids.

      Yet, we’re so glad we did move here. It is so beautiful. Love the climate change. Love the rain. U-pick farms everywhere. It’s heaven.

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