First testimony

Today, I got the best gift in the whole wide world. I saw Ethan in church go up to the pulpit and bear his testimony of Jesus. All by himself, and without any help. I had no idea he was going to do that today. We’ve practiced bearing testimonies at home, and tried to teach them how to give their own little testimony.

The kids were being fabulous in church, which was a miracle itself, but the icing on the cake was when I saw Ethan get up to head towards the front of the chapel. At first, he came back, upset that some other kid was ahead of him to go speak. Shaun explained to him that he just needed to go up there and sit in a chair, waiting for his turn. He went back up, and I just held my breath watching, half scared that he was going to goof off and be loud with the microphone like he’s done before in his class, and half excited to see my son doing something so brave and wonderful.

He got up there, bore a short and perfect little testimony, and came back to us. I nearly passed out. I think I said to Shaun a little too loud of a whisper, ‘Holy crap’, and could not stop smiling. Kevin saw him up there and said loudly ‘What??’.  I thought “There’s hope! Maybe we’re doing something right.”

I had Ethan tell me his testimony again later, and had to write it down to remember. It was a good Sunday.

“I know Jesus is the Savior. I know that we pray He will always find our love. In the name of the Jesus Christ, amen.”

One happy mom right now:)


One thought on “First testimony

  1. Oh, I love this! These precious moments are the ones that count and that need to recorded 😉 and held close. What a wonderful gift for you!

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