This week’s adventures

IMG_3445[1]Last weekend, I had fun adventures in San Diego with this sweet gal, Amy. Oh, it was fun. You can go here to my photo blog to see more pictures and read tidbits about our time down there. It’s good:)

Amy left on her plane first to head back home, and I was left with the rental car for a few hours. With my trusty gps on the phone, I found my way to Mission beach. I immensely enjoyed my last time, at least for awhile, sitting on a California beach in the warm, perfect beach weather. I sat for awhile, watching everything. The waves crashing, the birds, and listening to the soothing sounds of the water. I then stood in the water for a good while, letting the waves rush past my legs. I just love the beach. I know that in Oregon, the beaches up there will be a very different nature. The water is 50 degrees at Cannon beach. Very different! Colder, but a new beauty that I have not experienced yet.

I had someone take a picture of me to remember my beach time. Every time I say kids playing, I missed my kids, and thought of our wonderful beach time at Carpinteria.


My sweet, wonderful Shaun took care of our family for the weekend. They were having fun with Daddy. Ethan has been loving getting in his costumes. Boys are so fun.


This weekend, we got the boys some Nerf guns. Since Saturday, they have not put those toys down. The love their guns! We got the ones with the whistling ammo. Our home went from calmness to Call of Duty overnight. Ammo has been whistling past me each time I walk. I can’t walk through a room without one flying past my head. Almost ready to hold out a white flag when I try to enter a room. It’s a total combat zone over here. They just keep cocking and shooting all over the place, and it’s been hilarious. Why did I wait so long to get nerf guns? Well, we now know what to get them for Christmas; anything Nerf!

Our time is growing shorter here. All too soon, we will be on our new adventure. Trying to enjoy the time here with good friends before it’s time to close this chapter.


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