Vacation pictures

Hi, everyone! I worked on some more pictures from our beach vacation. I’m directing you over to my photography blog to see them, because the pictures are posted in large glory with that blog template. Beautiful.

It’s amazing how a vacation can create such wonderful memories, and leave quite the mark in your heart. I loved seeing my boys rejoice over the ocean, splashing in the waves, and digging for treasures (crabs) in the sand. Brooke eventually got into it also, and ran away shrieking with delight when the water hit her.

This is going to sound funny, but I have a jar of dirt, just like Jack Sparrow. It’s a glass jar of sand from the beach, with my shells I collected. I keep it on my medicine cabinet. Each time I bring it down and smell it, I’m taken back to Carpinteria, and the great time we had there. Amazing how smells can just create memories vividly for you:)

I’m so thankful for vacations, and for the hard work to make them happen. I can’t wait to plan another vacation for our family, but I think we’re on a bigger adventure first; just moving north two states. That’s going to be huge.




2 thoughts on “Vacation pictures

  1. I appreciate what you wrote about not worrying if the pictures are perfect, just keep taking pictures of memories that are special to you. Great advice. Thanks.

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