Some big news

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Isn’t Kevin hilarious?

Cutie Brooke



This is my darling, Ethan. He teaches me so much. Some days are crazy, indeed, but then I think about what if he was sent to another family instead of ours. What if someone else was his mom instead of me. When I think of that, my heart breaks, and I can’t imagine anyone else mothering him. I’m so glad that I get to be his mom, and I can see his good days and bad, and love him with all my heart.

We have some big news; we’re moving to Portland, Oregon soon. We’ve actually wanted to move there for a very long time. We just kept putting it off. Shaun will finish his pre-reqs for nursing up there. It’s bittersweet, because there are great friends here that we will have to leave, and I don’t like that part. I remember moving with my Mom often. It was a cycle of leaving good friends, keeping in touch with them, and meeting more great people in a new place.

The past few weeks have been horrendously busy. We’re selling our house to get up there. We spent a week cleaning and dejunking, and preparing it to be put on the market. I took so much crap to the DI thrift store. I tell you, getting a house ready to be shown to buyers is a great way to really clean it up and make it more open. Not a fan of all the pictures being off the wall, but it’s for a little time.

Now, we wait for a call from someone who wants to see the house. Everyday, we try to keep the house clean and clutter free. With three young kids, that’s quite the task to accomplish each day. Sometimes, pizza is the answer when you don’t want to get the kitchen dirty. When someone does come see the house, I pack up the dogs and kids in the car, and park across the street in a vacant home’s driveway. We pop a movie on, and I wait for the people to come and go. I keep toys and junk in the car for Brooke to be entertained. We’re just in the waiting stage now for someone to make a good offer on the house. Waiting, waiting, and waiting.

So, that’s our new adventure we’re on. I’ve read a ton about the grey winters and rain up there. Tons. It’s ok, we’ll take it. Shaun’s never lived anywhere else, and I’ve lived in at least 5 other places. I’m excited for him to experience something new. I’m excited to garden in a different climate, to camp more, and to enjoy the outdoors immensely. Keep you posted on the madness:)



2 thoughts on “Some big news

  1. Sounds extremely exciting! Good luck with the sell of the house. That can be fun to be sure. 😉 And I am with you in that it is definitely a bittersweet thing. Moving always is. We have moved too many times for me to count since we have been married, but each move has been so good for us. I know it will be the same for you.

  2. About the gray winters, living in a similar climate to Portland (albeit colder), I can tell you that it isn’t that bad. You get used to it. Good luck with selling your house!

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