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First stop, my awesome Aunt Jacquie’s for Disneyland and visiting. She spoiled us rotten, no joke. She put little blow up mattresses with boys bedding like Cars in our guest room. Kevin immediately began to jump on his bed, supremely happy. Ethan loved being around my cousin Brian. They loved the sound of their feet on the hard floors. Brooke was happy with the toy box, and walked around the house being vocal like a cute baby does.

We went to the local swim club, a private and cozy little pool with a great diving board. First time jumping off a board for Ethan. He absolutely loved it. Over and over again he jumped off, swam to the side, and went to jump again. Fun to watch.

That night, we put the kids to bed, and were able to go out to eat at my beloved Cheesecake Factory. Oh, can’t seem to stay away from that place. It was late coming back, and we got lost going the wrong way. Amazing how many little towns you can hit in a small area in Ca. Finally made it home, laughing about it.

The next morning, we got up early and started packing our backpacks with snacks, snacks, and more snacks to help for waiting in ride lines. Brooke got to stay home to be watched by Jacquie and Brian. Again, spoiled rotten. Having a camelback to drink from was awesome!! We got to Disneyland at 8am, and it was perfect for the first two hours. Small crowds, and kids weren’t pooped yet. We were so excited to be there, and to walk the streets towards Fantasyland. After all these nights of watching youtube videos of the park and rides, we were finally there. It was excitement!



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The boys lasted till about noon, and were ready to come home. Too much crowds and noise. They loved the Jungle Cruise, Dumbo, and really loved the Peter Pan’s flight ride. We attempted Pirates with them. They were a little scared of those two dips into the dark. Oops.

We got to Toon town around 9am, just as they were opening the gates. Kevin saw Mickey Mouse, and started yelling ‘Mickey! Mickey!’ It was so cute. Ethan was just as excited. There was a large crowd of parents herding their kids following Mickey to his house. It was funny. We all wanted to see Mickey.

As we ate some lunch in Tomorrow Land, which was insanely packed and crazy, we sat near the Jedi training area. We saw Darth Vader come out, along with other characters. That was neat. We got those yummy pineapple whips at the Tikki House. Then, it was time to take the boys back home.

We dropped them off to be watched, and ran back to the park for a small date around 1pm. It was nice to go hit the big kid rides. I tried to get fast passes, but we couldn’t use them until 6pm that night. What the heck? So, we just waited in lines the regular way; being herded like cattle for an hour. Matterhorn was great, but jerky. Felt like I needed a chiropractor after getting off. Space Mountain’s wait seemed to last an eternity. As we got closer to the ride audio announcement, I remember hearing the word ‘intergalactic adventure’ so many times my head was spinning in circles. After finally getting inside to the ride, and wondering if it was worth it, the ride was so fast and incredibly fun. Got off thinking, ‘Oh yes, that was worth the wait.’

Last stop was Indian Jones. Another long wait, thinking that once you’re inside that building, the ride is just there. Ha! More winding lines inside the cave. Finally got to the front, jumped in the jeep, and finished with our favorite ride. Man, Indian Jones is so stinking fun!! Love the ball at the end. Another long wait in line that was so worth it.

It was so nice just to be with Shaun. We got through the crowds to get some ice cream, sat down on Main street, and watched everything. I loved the feel of Main street. It really did feel like being in an old musical. The music, and the sweet, little shops. I loved it so much, but it was time to go back and help the kids.

We got back, and started packing to drive up to Carpinteria that night, to stay at the condo. I loved our time with my family, the boys loved it, and Ethan didn’t want to leave Brian.



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A thousand thanks to my family for helping us create wonderful memories!!




One thought on “Disneyland!

  1. Looks like you had a great time! Disneyland is rough in the summer, you have to get the fast passes in the morning because they go fast and then you get stuck with the evening ones. Next time just go in January or October on a Tuesday or Wednesday and you don’t even need them! No one’s there and you practically walk on every ride. We took our kids for a bit and then dropped them off with my folks, too. Isn’t it so fun to just have you and your hubby having a date at Disneyland? It’s like my dream date haha. And that’s so great that Brooke is walking!! Good job, Brooke!

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