Back from paradise

IMG_6660 copy

Our long awaited vacation came and went faster than the blink of an eye. We came home today from our adventures in California. Coming home from another world and entering back into reality is always an interesting adjustment. I’m so full of emotions right now. Feeling blessed to have created some wonderful memories, to be in a completely different climate and atmosphere, and to have witnessed so much natural beauty in a few short days.

This week, I’ll dedicate the blog posts to our adventures from last week. Today, we came home from Carpinteria, CA. There are lots of neat pictures that I’ll share, but here’s one for tonight. My boys loved the beach immensely. This shot of Ethan is from yesterday morning, at a little secluded beach I remember going to with my Mom. I attempted to get some shots of my kiddos. The boys move so fast, but here’s one that gives me joy. Ethan’s curiosity with the ocean.

So, I left this beautiful place today, and I’m trying to make friends with the rocks again back home. I’m not a fan of the desert, highly detest the triple digit heat, but I’m trying to remember that there is beauty all around. I kept telling myself today, ‘Remember your blessings. We have a home to return to. We have each other in our little family, and how blessed we were to have a little vacation. To swim in the ocean, feel the sand under our feet, breathe in the glorious 70 degree air, and see flowers and pretty shrubs everywhere.’

Feeling grateful to have made memories last week.


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