Good quote

Marjorie Pay Hinckley. I love this lady. She is one of my biggest heroes. She lived a life of kindness, gentleness, is an incredible mother, and has a shining testimony of the gospel. I have nearly all her books. I just want to be a gentle and loving mother like her. Sometimes I wonder how she handled the challenging days of young kids. What did she do when they didn’t listen. I just wonder, and pray to do better at understanding. Glad to be a mom.  Here’s a great quote she said:

“True spirituality makes you loving and grateful, and forgiving, and patient, and gentle, and long-suffering. True spirituality breathes reverence into every act and deed.”

Just simple inspiration to lift me when I need lifting. Yesterday was one of those Sundays when Satan decides to engage in full attack on the family. With our Sundays, it’s 50/50. Some times church goes great, the kids listen, and we have a beautiful day. Other days it’s pure exhaustion that many mothers out there understand.

It’s always Sundays that can be the hardest day of the week. Sometimes, I’m a little nervous when Sunday gets closer. It’s frustrating, but I know why. Satan knows that we are trying to build a forever family. He knows that going to church is so important for building happiness. He knows, and he wants us to be ‘miserable like unto himself”. 2 Nephi 2:27  

It’s just that simple. He knows, but thankfully, he can’t win. He can wage war against families everywhere, and he is now, but he can’t win if we don’t let him. Still, Sundays can leave Shaun and I completely exhausted, and our spirits wiped out. It’s funny; I never had Sundays like this back in college. Sundays were heavenly up there, but I am in a different chapter now. I’m trying to raise my children up in light and goodness, and that just makes Satan mad.

Not to be negative talking about Satan, but I have learned that it’s very, very important to be aware of him and his stupid antics, and to protect yourself and family against him. It’s very important to have tools ready like scriptures memorized, and a constant prayer in your heart, or he will find that wedge and make his way into the home. He just does if we’re not vigilant.

On the beautiful side, we have help from above. Our goal was to come here to earth to gain a body, and experience happiness, with lots of learning. We have a loving Saviour who is there to strengthen us. We have scriptures to read and learn from. We have light all around us, if we will just grasp onto it, and push the dark clouds out, and keep pushing them out, because Satan never gives up.

And so, with each Sunday, I pray that we can have a good one. 50 percent of them are wonderful, and make me go, ‘Oh my gosh. Wasn’t it nice to experience a real Sunday again?’. I try to hold on to those 50 percent ones.

Goodness, I did not mean to write that much! Hope this helps someone out there:)


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