Yoga, how I love thee..


I’ve been learning all about Yoga for at least three months now. My awesome friend Jen got me on the path this year. We found a beginner yoga video on youtube, and did it together, feeling like inner peace yogi women.

I searched around on youtube, and checked out a few other yoga teachers, and then I found Dr. Melissa West of Namaste Yoga.

Man, I love her way of teaching. It’s ‘Yoga for real people’. She has a youtube channel full of free videos shot in the pretty outdoor nature of Canada. Her method is very calm and relaxed, and I love it.

Never did I think I would be a fan of Yoga. I remember it being the craze years back. I think I had to wait until the right season of my life to see how the good things yoga has to offer. I just love that it helps me to slow down, to not rush through my days, and to really be more calm. On one of her videos, she mentions how today our minds are constantly being programmed to move at a faster pace. Using the movie “Cars 2” for an example, she spoke of the movie being so fast and jarring. She counted the frames, and the longest shot was only held for 5 seconds. Crazy.

Now, I can’t do it everyday, but I try to squeeze some yoga time in when Shaun is home, and the kids are down for quiet time. I’m just loving it. Had to share this with you all:)


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