This trial

IMG_3270[1]This weekend, I had the wonderful blessing of attending my church’s Girls Camp for young women. It was up in the mountains, the heat was only 80 degrees, and it was beautiful. I took pictures for them, and had many quiet moments in nature that I soaked up. This picture is a small glimpse of what I experienced. This was in the back of my mind often, as these past 48 hours, the kids and I have gone through quite a trial.

I came home Sunday to my dear family. Shaun was so sorry that the air conditioning in our home had broken again. It was quite warm at around 85 degrees inside. We had a worker come out that night, and were so excited to think that it would be fixed soon. Sadly, the compressor needed to be replaced, and it did not get fixed until Tuesday around 6pm.

As the heat kept raising and became more unbearable, the kids and I stayed at friend’s homes while Shaun was at work all day. The past two days I’ve been on survival mode, constantly thinking of the kids, reminding them to keep drinking fluids, gathering food at home to take with us, and trying to survive going out and about in the heat to our destinations.

Each time we got in the car, the a/c was a welcome relief. So much loading the kids, getting in and out of the car, about 4 times a day. I went to work these two days, and was grateful the kids could go to a sitter, who had a cold air home. We had to come back home various times a day to check on the dogs, let them out to go potty, and refill their water. We had all fans blasting for them, and the house was horribly hot. It was then 98 degrees inside. I hurried to prepare food, grab snacks, and bring anything we needed to spend the night somewhere else. It was miserable, and everyone was grumpy and snapping over anything due to the heat. I tried hard not to yell, as this is my new goal, but there were times when I just couldn’t help it. Sweat and fatigue got to me, but I held back on losing it, and just stuck my head in the freezer.

I had Ethan open the fridge and freezer, and sit in it to cool off, as he seemed to be the most affected by it. Brooke was a sweaty mess. I kept trying to cool them off with damp rags, and then we jumped in the car to get to cold air. I remember looking at our home while I was moving quickly, and how it looked so abandoned. Dishes were still dirty in the sink, smelling horrible. Messes were on the ground. It just looked pitiful, but there was no way we could attend that yet. We just had to get out of the heat.

We napped at my friend’s house, and embraced the cold tile floors, and the cold air blasting from their vents. I shared a king bed with Ethan and Kevin, with Brooke sleeping in her portacrib near by. Didn’t get much sleep there, as Ethan is quite the mover at night, but the air felt good.

As I kept getting kids in and out of the car yesterday, I remember noticing the smoke in the sky, and the smell of it. I kept thinking of those poor, dear 19 fireman that left this earth on Sunday, and was reminded that our trial is so small. I said a prayer for all their families, as I carried Brooke and got the kids into cold air.

At times, I remember thinking ” I’m not really a fan of this hectic, constant moving. I can’t wait to do Yoga when this is all fixed.’, but couldn’t think of anything too long. Just what did I need to do for the next two hours at a time to survive the heat. It was around 113-116 degrees outside these past two days.

Things I learned from these days:

I learned how to put three children to bed in one room. I always thought ‘Brooke needs her own room.’, which of course, is always easier for a baby to have their own room to sleep in. I first put Brooke to bed, and waited 30 minutes reading books to the boys. Kevin was pooped, and I tucked him into bed, and spent the next 30 minutes playing with Ethan, and having some much needed special time with him. I then put him to bed, telling him to whisper and not wake up the kids. I came back out, and felt like I acquired a new super mommy skill. A new tool in my belt. This was a happy thought.

I realized again how grateful I am for little things. For my friends and their loving homes, for letting us crash, for understanding when Kevin had enough heat yesterday, and threw up all over their bathroom, and for feeding us.

The air finally got fixed yesterday evening, and it took about 3 hours to go from 99 to 78. The cool air from the vents was heaven sent. The boys slept on a mattress in the living room, and hour by hour, it got back to comfortable. I woke up this morning to the house being cool again, and was so thankful.

So, we made it. Today has been day of recovery. Cleaning dishes, tidying up, and crashing with a movie to rest. So grateful we made it.


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