Ethan’s birthday


In the midst of swimming lessons, pool time, and eating a constant stream of popsicles, Ethan had a birthday! He’s 6 years old, and I can’t believe it. Growing so fast. I love these pictures of us that were taken on his birthday.

IMG_3202[1]We had a little cupcake party with the kiddos and I. It made for a pleasant and happy day.



This last weekend, we had a swim birthday party with friends. Very laid back and fun. I goofed on not getting pictures, but kids were splashing in the pool, and us grownups munched on Little Ceasers pizza and more cupcakes. Pretty simple parties we have; pizza and cupcakes. The pool is the new addition to birthday parties this year. I think everyone had a nice time:)

IMG_3212[1]Ethan made it through another session of swimming lessons this summer. 3rd year of lessons, and he’s taking off. I love seeing him put his face down in water, using his arms and kicking all over the pool. He’s got it! Kevin’s next for lessons next month. Swimming is so huge for me. Insanely important. My mom was a lifeguard and taught me to swim very early. She also had me in the local park pool’s swimming lessons every summer growing up. Now, I love to swim like crazy and be wet. I’m such a dork. At the weekly church pool days at friend’s homes, I’m one of the few moms in the pool, while the others are chatting outside getting their feet wet. As soon as I get there, I jump in the pool, and love the feeling of being completely submerged in water. Oh, I love summers with water involved!

Ethan is my big man with a huge heart and lots of passion. He loves to wake up early, and get dressed before he comes in to greet us. He’s becoming a wonderful helper with the morning chores. He loves to sleep with lots of stuffed animals consisting of Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and Tigger. He jumps like crazy off the ladder into the pool. He got a pair of cowboy boots, and loves to wear them around with a pair of shorts. He tickles and wrestles with Kevin, and always gives me a big hug and kiss when I tuck him in at night. Wonderful things to remember about my first baby, and growing boy. Love my Ethan!


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