The big movie


Fun day. I met up with my friend Jessica and her kiddos, our cute playmates. We went to see Horton Hears a Who for the summer dollar movies.

This was the first time the boys have been to a movie theater. Ethan’s 6. Yea, I’ve waited awhile for him to be ready to do this. In his earlier years, no way. All I can say is this; it was worth the wait. The boys loved it. They kept looking behind them at the projector, fascinated.

I brought bags of yummy coconut oil popcorn, which they devoured. Brooke was with us, too. That was a tad challenging. 90 minutes of squirming, crawling, sitting on the boys, reaching into the kids in front of us, and an occasional moment of sitting and watching. All in all, she did good, and hung in there.

There were at least 4 rooms playing the same movie for the kids. I couldn’t believe how packed they were! It must be a big deal in the summer, and who doesn’t love paying just a buck per head?

The picture above was us coming out of the theatre. So stinking darling!!


2 thoughts on “The big movie

  1. I did a double take. From this viewpoint, the girl around whom Ethan has his arm looks identical to my daughter, Lucy. The blonde braid probably has something to do with it.

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