Gardening summer 2013

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Well, it’s another great year for gardening, and another year to keep learning. I almost killed the plants last month by not watering enough. You see, here in the desert during the cooler months, you only need to water about 3-4 times a week. Well, the heat crept up on us quickly, and I didn’t change my irrigation timer to 7 days a week. So, my plants were getting a bit crispy. The tomatoes were getting blossom rot, which is when the bottom of the fruit has brown circles. Comes from irregular watering. I called Garden Farms of Nevada, and they were most helpful answering my questions. Seriously, you can call them anytime for help. I changed my watering to 7 days, and the plants recovered nicely.

The tomato plants have been producing fabulously. Letting them sprawl on the ground is the way to go. Cooler on the ground, which means more fruit production. About every day, I go out in the morning with my basket, and fill it with tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. I’ve been making an incredible tomato soup with the bounty, which I will share soon. Need to type it up.

I love having that purple flower in the box. Seeing flowers hanging out of boxes reminds me of living in Carpinteria, CA, one of the most beautiful places in CA ever. Everything is lush, flowery, and beachy there, and I love my memories living there.

So, the summer is here, and it’s pretty hot, although I can take it. I lived in Mesa, AZ back in 1994. That was hot, much hotter than here, so it’s not too bad:)


One thought on “Gardening summer 2013

  1. I want to pick your brain for gardening ideas after we move. We have garden boxes and I want to plant some other plants in the fall. For now we have tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers, corn and some sort of melon.

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