Letting go


I had a good lesson last week as I was getting the kids ready go to my friend’s house for babysitting. Before we left, Ethan really wanted to become the ‘Hulk’, and color himself green with a washable marker. (We have learned the ways of the force; all art supplies that enter this home MUST be washable:)

At first, I was like ‘Please, no. It’s going to be such a hard mess to clean up.’, only thinking of me and my endless lists of daily cleanup items. Yet, he truly was finding joy in being imaginative. I finally stopped and breathed, listened for a moment, and let him do it. Another reminder to choose carefully my battles. I had to ask myself “Is it really that bad? Is it something worth battling over?’ No, it’s not. All too soon, Ethan will be older and will probably not want to color himself and not do so much creative play. I must enjoy this stage while it lasts, because truly, this young stage can be so memorable and precious.

I love the picture above. These kids are so sweet and kind to my kiddos, and they have great dress up clothes. For some reason, Ethan wanted to wear the princess dress and crown. When I came to pick him up, I just laughed. My first thought was ‘He looks like the Ogre version of Princess Fiona off ‘Shrek’. Oh, that kid! Cracks me up.

Afterwards at home, Ethan swam in our pool and all the color washed off. See? Not something to argue and destroy relationships over. I must learn this time and time again. ( We got an awesome above ground pool to survive the heat! More on that in another post:)

How often do we get so wound up over nothing? Sometimes like the dad fish on Finding Nemo, we just need to let go, and relax. I keep trying to remember this. Just take a moment to breathe and think, and then experience another fun and endearing part of this life journey we are on.


2 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. It’s so true! I hardly ever want to get out the “messy” play stuff bc it’s just another clean up job for me. But it’s so rewarding to see how happy they are to make a mess haha.

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