Good Books-‘Mitten Strings for God’


I just love this book. I have to share it with you. It’s called ‘Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for mothers in a hurry’ 

It is so beautiful. All about slowing down, finding the joy, simpleness, and love in raising young children. The author has a few more books that I will love to read one day, but I want to finish reading this first. This book is perfect for the stage I’m in now with my kiddos.

Each chapter addresses a simple topic, and shares gentle advice and reminders. The picture above is from the chapter ‘Listening.’ Always one that I constantly need to work on:)


From this paragraph, I try to do this often in the morning. Sometimes, if I get up on time, I go outside to sit in the garden and read. Kevin will sometimes come out first, trailing his blanket in the dirt. He’ll climb onto my lap, and I’ll wrap my arms around him. We’ll quietly listen to the birds chirping, cars driving, and just breathe. It’s soooo nice when these moments happen. It’s almost like Girls Camp. Time in the mountains. Peaceful, slow down quiet moments.

So, if you get a moment to read a book, (which I know is hard because I can only read early in the morning, or in the bathroom), you must check out this book. I’ll be sharing more tidbits from it in future posts. Try your best to slow down a tad, and hug your kiddos tighter:)


One thought on “Good Books-‘Mitten Strings for God’

  1. I’m always looking for an inspirational read; thanks for sharing!
    (Creative pics. I love your photos.)

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