New blog

New blog look. New change. Here’s why:

I took a class online for photography blogging, and learned at least one great tip; that I could schedule my blog to post saved posts on its own. I have so many things I wish to blog about here, but have a hard time sitting down to do it consistently. It seems so much easier to me to write a few quick posts one day, and schedule them to go live on its own. How stinking cool!

I also fell in love with WordPress, and decided to change from Blogger. It’s much simpler to me, and I’m more familiar with it from blogging my photography blog on that format.

If you’d like to follow my blog by email, there is a follow link up on the top right side. There’s a chalkboard P button over there that will take you to my many, many boards on Pinterest. Did I mention how much I love Pinterest? Oh, goodness.

So, I hope to do better at blogging now with this new education I gained! Here’s to trying again at accomplishing a goal. Never to late to start:)


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